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  Why ZEiSys?
ZEiSys Technologies (P) Ltd. (ZEiSys), is a leading provider of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing solutions. We are headquartered in Chennai, India with marketing and program execution offices in the United States. Our customers include American and European firms with annual revenues ranging up to US$40 Billion. At ZEiSys, we believe that a trained and disciplined work force is the key to our success and you will find a range of highly trained professionals groomed to execute your projects with highest level of efficiency.
At ZEiSys you will find a range of readily available software core modules that will enable you to rapidly develop applications for
your business process. ZEiSys is fully proficient in developing software as well as integrating such software into systems such as leading Hardware platforms, Medical equipments, Textile Machinery, Industrial equipments, ATM Machines, and a wide array of automated equipments.
At ZEiSys you will find all services that you look for in an outsourcing partner such as software development, system
integration, knowledge management, business process automation etc. As a process driven organization, we expect our customers to place their absolute trust in us. For this purpose we have established the "NO RISK TRIAL" option for all our customers. Read more about it in the services section.
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