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Welcome to ZEiSys!


We are a leading Information Technology solutions provider headquartered in Chennai, India with sales offices in Florida and Virginia of the United States, London in the United Kingdom and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. We have been in business since 2006 and our clientele consists of a wide range of small / medium business entities along with a few large enterprises (including fortune 500 organizations).

Our core business strategy is to drive our growth around the small business clientele which is the engine that drives 80%+ of the economy in many developed countries. As a small business enterprise itself, ZEiSys can quickly understand and compliment the culture of small business client. As a corporation with zero tolerance for bureaucratic delays, ZEiSys believes that dependency on small business clientele helps us proactively and quickly adopt change.

ZEiSys management consists of a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in US and European commercial enterprises and defense establishments with a common interest; to be a value added partner to all our customers. Providing value to our customer is not simply about cost management or schedule management. We strongly believe that discipline and integrity is just as important.


At ZEiSys we are not about projects and assignments; we are only about missions and duties. Many of our customers depend on us for critical work that may impact their consumers, their bottom-lines, and their market shares. Therefore, we do not consider failure in any aspects of our mission such as schedule, cost, scope or quality as an option. If we promised you a mission, we will succeed; we will make it happen.


Engage with us today to find out how we can add value to your organization. Thank you for visiting this page!

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