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Network Technician

Job ID: HR019
Job Title: Network Technician
Date of Posting: October  15  2011
Monthy Pay Scale: < Rs.15,000
Job Description: Associates in this position actively take care of the following tasks:
  - Identify, troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software and network related problems encountered
  - Configure and install Windows workstations and operating systems in response to the demands of a complex network design
  - Perform primary network system administration on network servers as needed
  - Install, certify and troubleshoot campus and remote
   -campus network cabling infrastructure, including a wide variety of local area network equipment and software.
  - Use established tracking system to log requests; monitors progress, tracks problem resolution, identify patterns of failure, researches bug fixes and implements solutions; communicate with manager regarding unresolved problems
  - Work with vendors to resolve hardware operating system issues; researches and tests possible solutions and implements solutions
Academic Profile: - Associate’s degree or diploma with at least one year of coursework in computer science
Professional Profile: - Knowledge of operating systems (eg. Win XP, Win 2003, Win 7, Win 2008)
- Knowledge of web server technology (eg. Internet Information services, SQL Server, SharePoint)
- Ability to maintain operating systems
- Knowledge of Local-Area Networks (LAN) and Wide-Area Networks (WAN)
- Knowledge of database technology (eg. SQL)
- Knoweldge of DHCP, DNS and Router Management
- Knowledge of Software and Driver Installation in Windows Environment
- Knowledge of network security
- Implementation of hardware infrastructure
- Knowledge of back-up processes and procedures
Personal Profile: - Problem solving skills
- Ability to prioritize
- Ability to allocate tasks
- Hands-on approach
- Process oriented
- Ability to meet deadlines
- Attention to detail
- Results focused
- Ability to work under pressure
- Effective listening skills
- Casual attire on all days except Mondays. Monday is formal day when for men and women, business attire is a must. No exceptions. For men a collared full sleeve shirt, trousers, tie and closed shoes are mandatory. For women business suits, shirts-trousers and saris are only permissible. (Churidars are not permissible)
Department: Office Administration
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