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Project Manager

Job ID: HR021
Job Title: Project Manager
Date of Posting: October  15  2011
Monthy Pay Scale: < Rs.1,00,000
Job Description: Associates in this position actively take care of the following tasks: Planning:
 - Plan projects in order to accomplish its goals within constraints such as time, cost and agreed quality standards
 - Schedule tasks, deadlines and milestones for all stakeholders and resources
 - Create Gantt charts in MS Project
 - Create detailed chart of milestones for all parties
 - Identify schedule uncertainties and risks for both client and the organization
 - Develop schedule contingency plans
 - Day-to-Day Management
  Run the project on a day-to-day basis
 - Coordinate designers, coders, programmers, other staff, service providers, and clients
 - Assemble assets required for production team to perform tasks
 - Disseminate production information to production team through task and sub-tasks assignment based on requirements
 - Coordinate communication between staff and third parties acting on behalf of the client
 - Efficiently and competently manage problems-- when things go off plan (due to scope-creep, changed requirements, missed deadlines etc.) bring them back on plan or create a new plan
 - Intimately understand the requirements of the project and ensure that work proceeds in a specific direction
 - Evaluate deliverables prepared by the team to make sure the work meets requirements and maintain a high level of quality
 - Constantly monitor and report on the progress of a project to all stakeholders
 - Work with Site Architect & Requirements Analyst as needed to revise Scope & architecture as needs of the client/project evolves
 - Evaluation & Reporting
 - Track and report team hours and file expense reports
 - Analyze project profitability
 - Conduct performance evaluations

 - Create, maintain & constantly look to improve production processes
 - Provide detailed explanations (written and graphical) of production processes

 - Work directly with Account Manager, Requirements Analyst and Sales to contribute wording, estimates, charts, samples etc. to proposals
 - Work with the Requirements Analyst and production team to come up with strategies to reduce project cost

Client Management:
 - Act as Account Manager for some clients; handle some Account Manager duties for other clients
 - Schedule and attend meetings with clients
 - Explain the technology in proposed solutions to Clients and others (where applicable)
 - Articulate design rationale and function strategy as it directly relates to accomplishing goals set out (where applicable)
 - Done throughout the life of the project if new client or technical requirements necessitate new design or functional strategy
 - Present work to the client at milestones throughout the production
 - Obtain, discuss and follow-through with feedback from client
 - Work with client against scope creep and endeavor to keep project focused within scope
 - Train clients on use of delivered work
 - Investigate and answer clients’ questions
 - Support & help trouble-shoot delivered work during project and post-project
  - Ensure client expectations are met and exceeded in terms of quality of product and service delivered
 - Keep current on new technologies as they relate to web site and web application development
 - Create time estimates for work to be performed
Academic Profile: Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Applications, Mathematics or Engineering
Professional Profile: - Ten (10) years of experience in application/web design, web development, commercial development, implementation and maintenance of distributed computing, web development, commercial projects using ASP.Net with C#, XML Web Services, VB & J-Script and related tools.
- Certified PMP (Project Management Professional) from PMI ( with extensive experience of project management on n-tier projects.
- Microsoft Certified Professional Solution Developer (MCSD.NET), Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
- Microsoft Certified ASP.Net, Certified Active Server Pages Programmer, VB/Java Script 5.5 Certified.
- Over 6 years strong data warehousing concepts/working environment experience, professional using Business Intelligence with SQL Server BI development studio, SQL Server Analysis Services.
- Experienced SEO (search engine optimization) including analytics, Meta, indexing, cross linking, caching specialties. This includes major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.
- Technical expertise including Web Application development using ASP, ASP.Net with VB.Net/C#, Visual Basic (ActiveX, COM, DCOM), C++, VB.Net, Install Shield script programming, HTML, DHTML and extensive experience on MS-SQL Server 7.0/2000, MTS, Dreamweaver, MSMQ Access Database.
- Good communication skills, team player skills, planning and implementation expertise.
Personal Profile: -Leadership: involves translating a vision into action, motivating the team, influencing colleagues, and seeing the project through each stage.
- Flexibility: must adapt to ever-changing project conditions and manage the teams actions.
- Business judgment: must have a firm understanding of business strategy and objectives when making decisions.
- Trustworthiness: must exhibit integrity.
- Communication: must be adept at handling a team conflict, steering committee meeting and coaching session with an end-user. Effective listening is a large part of successful communication.
- Coaching and mentoring: the ability to give feedback and help others
- Prioritizing: Prioritizing is more than taking orders from the sponsor, or organizing a list of requirements. It includes balancing scope requirements, sifting through needs and wants, and documenting ones reasoning
- Planning: responsible for producing the estimate, critical path, dependencies and schedule
- Managing: must be able to not only manage the day to day activities of the team, but also to observe how the project is progressing from a big picture perspective and know when to take action.
- Reflecting: must organize the approach to closing a project, take steps to gather feedback, document lessons learned and make it easy to apply those lessons to the next project
- Casual attire on all days except Mondays. Monday is formal day when for men and women, business attire is a must. No exceptions. For men a collared full sleeve shirt, trousers, tie and closed shoes are mandatory. For women business suits, shirts-trousers and saris are only permissible. (Churidars are not permissible)
Department: Projects
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