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Product Administrator

Job ID: HR033
Job Title: Product Administrator
Date of Posting: October  15  2011
Monthy Pay Scale: < Rs.20,000
Job Description: Associates in this position must have in-depth knowledge and experience in the consumer market in a geographical area. They must have knowledge of consumer products & services in a particular city, state or country, their classification, their performance in terms of consumer satisfaction, and the specific companies that own these products. They must also have experience communicating with consumers having typical consumer problems with these products and services. General business knowledge and market awareness obtained from regular perusing of consumer / business magazines and viewing consumer / business channels is critical for this position.

Associates in this position may be responsible for one or more of the following:
  - Performing market research and identifying new FMCG and other products and services in various geographical regions
  - Performing research to build a directory of various companies by geographical regions
  - Performing google searches to identify key traits of products and services that determine consumer satisfaction
  - Surveying markets to evaluate out how satisfied consumers are with certain products / services
  - Tracking consumer complaints against products and services
  - Tracking consumer complaints against companies
  - Responding to consumer queries regarding products and services

Associates in this position are NOT expected to have or know any programming, nor will they be ever given any programming tasks. They will however be required to manage consumer and market data in various ZEiSys market databases. They should also be familiar working with MS Office Applications, websites providing email services, search engines etc. Familiarity managing their personal data in websites such as Naukri, Orkut, Facebook etc will be an added bonus. The most important qualifications for this position is general computer usage expertise, web savvy, data entry skills, ability to perform research using search engines and attention to details
Academic Profile: Minimum Bachelors Degree (Any). Preferrably an MBA in Marketing / Consumer Behavior, from a reputed institution
Professional Profile: - Two (2) Years of full time post-undergraduate (not academic) experience in any field where the candidates have had a chance to work with market research, FMCG products / services, and consumer behavior
Personal Profile: - Exceptional logical and analytical skills. Must be able to obtain a minimum score in the aptitude tests.
- Superior communication skills. The candidate must be able to converse well in English, write grammatically correct English and deliver PowerPoint presentations to a sizeable audience.
- Detail oriented individual. Ability to grasp discussion points in the finest detail on 4-6 hour discussion groups; ability to pay closest attention to aesthetic issues on deliverables such as a missing period or an unsuitable color.
- High energy individual. Ability to work in high stress situations such as tight deadlines or mission critical deliveries. Whatever it takes attitude to complete deliverables to clients on time and with quality.
- Mission oriented individual. On-time quality delivery, every- time, all the time. The words excuse or cannot should not be in their vocabulary.
- Web Savviness. The person must be extremely knowledgeable about major consumer websites in India and Internationally. Ability to search for information on difficult keyword items through search engines is CRITICAL
Department: Customer Support
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