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Junior Quality Assurance Engineer

Job ID: HR039
Job Title: Junior Quality Assurance Engineer
Date of Posting: October  15  2011
Monthy Pay Scale: < Rs.20,000
Job Description: Associates in this position should have high detail orientation required to identify violations or misinterpretation of defined procedures by colleagues executing them in the organization.
Creativity and perseverance in analyzing organizational problems to the root cause and suggesting corrective and preventive actions to stem them, is required.
Proactive monitoring of adherence to processes by various departments and report the status at meetings.
Check adherence to processes while creating a product to assure its quality before releasing it to the customer.
Defining measurements, establishing benchmarks, collecting data to harvest measurements, and reporting measurements at management review meetings.
Initiating corrective and preventive actions for continuous improvement within the organization.
Will have to arrange Management Review Meetings to report on and analyze the quality facets of the organization.
Create drafts of quality processes and work instructions for various activities in the organization.
Manage statuses of Document Revision Requests opened to update manuals, processes and handbooks.
Will need to liaison with ISO 9001 registrar, CMMI appraisers, SEI, PMI and other external organizations that are critical to the maintainance of the company’s quality management system.
Execution of all tasks must be as per the documented process prevalent in the organization.
(Training will be provided to execute the above tasks but the attitudes required should be an integral part of the applicant)
Academic Profile: Minimum bachelors degree in any academic background
Professional Profile: Fresh graduates are welcome provided they have
   -Exceptional academic performance from matriculation to under-graduation
   -Exceptional scores in the general aptitude and logical reasoning test that will be administered during selection
(Training will be provided for freshers)
Personal Profile: Prospective candidate should have
   -Exceptional logical and analytical skills: Ability to execute research tasks with minimal oversight
   -Superior communication skills: The candidate must be able to converse well in English, write grammatically correct English, create and deliver presentations to a sizeable audience when required.Report accurately the progress on various tasks to supervisors.
   -Detail orientation: Ability to grasp discussion points in the finest detail on 4-6 hour discussion groups and pay closest attention to aesthetic issues on deliverables such as a missing period or an unsuitable color.
   -Good time management: On-time execution of tasks, every time, all the time. The words “excuse” or “cannot” should not be in their vocabulary.
   -Charisma and diplomacy to work with multiple teams and departments is absolutely essential.
Casual attire on all days except Mondays. Monday is formal day when for men and women, business attire is a must. No exceptions. For men a collared full sleeve shirt, trousers and closed shoes are mandatory. For women business suits, shirts-trousers and saris are only permissible
Department: Quality
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