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Junior Marketing Analyst

Job ID: HR041
Job Title: Junior Marketing Analyst
Date of Posting: October  15  2011
Monthy Pay Scale: < Rs.20,000
Job Description: Associates in this position should be extremely websavvy on matters related to social networking sites (such as facebook, orkut, twitter, myspace), blogs (such as blogspot, wordpress, livejournal), article repositories (such as thefreelibrary, goarticles), and promotional sites (such as knol, squidoo, wikipedia). Exceptional creative writing skills (English) is a mandatory requirement. They will be required to carry out any promotional work related to ZEiSys products on the internet.

Tasks may include:
 - Directory Submissions: Associate will be required to search high PR directories on the internet and create listings for ZEiSys products on these directories. Associates must also ensure that the listings are published on the directory.
 - Article Submissions: Associate will be required to prepare 500-1000 word articles using sound grammatically correct language on relevant topics related to ZEiSys products with adequate keyword density. Then these articles must be published to high PR article websites on the internet. Associates must also ensure that the articles are published on the article websites.
 - Social Bookmarking: Associate will be required to create alias accounts on all major social bookmarking sites and publish snippets with URLs to ZEiSys products on these bookmarking sites.
 - Blog Comments: Associates must locate high PR blogs from the internet that lets you place comments with links to ZEiSys products without no follow tags. Then they must place relevant comments on these blogs with a backlink to ZEiSys products.
 - Blog Writing: Associate must locate relevant topics related to ZEiSys products and must write 500-750 word blogs using sound grammatically correct language on ZEiSys blogs.
 - Press Release Distribution: Associate must be able to write good press releases related to ZEiSys products and publish these press releases on high PR websites.
 - Forum Postings: Associate must locate high PR webmaster forums and place postings on these sites with signatures related to ZEiSys products.
 - Squidoo Lens Management: Associate must maintain Squidoo lens related to ZEiSys products.
 - Knol Management: Associate must maintain Google knols related to ZEiSys products.
 - Wikipedia Crosslinks: Associate must locate topics related to ZEiSys products in Wikipedia, and maintain links to ZEiSys products on these pages.
 - Statistical Reporting: Associate must research the web and complete statistical reports regarding the search engine optimization of keywords related to ZEiSys products.
 - Competitive Analysis: Associate must research other products that compete with ZEiSys products and identify ways of competing with such products on matters related to search engine optimization.

(Training will be provided to execute the above tasks but the attitudes required should be an integral part of the applicant)
Academic Profile: Minimum bachelors degree preferably in Engineering, Sciences or Marketing / Management
Professional Profile: No experience required
Associates must have
 - Exceptional academic performance from matriculation to undergraduation
 - Exceptional scores in the general aptitude and logical reasoning test that will be administered during selection
(Training will be provided for freshers)
Personal Profile: Prospective candidate should have
 - Exceptional logical and analytical skills: Ability to execute research tasks with minimal oversight
 - Superior communication skills: The candidate must be able to converse well in English, have exceptional ability to write grammatically correct English, create and deliver presentations to a sizeable audience when required. Report accurately the progress on various tasks to supervisors.
 - Detail orientation: Ability to grasp discussion points in the finest detail on 4-6 hour discussion groups and pay closest attention to aesthetic issues on deliverables such as a missing period or an unsuitable color.
 - High energy levels: Ability to work in high stress situations such as tight deadlines or mission critical releases. “Whatever it takes” attitude to complete deliverables to clients on time and with quality.
 - Good time management: On-time quality delivery, every time, all the time. The words “excuse” or “cannot” should not be in their vocabulary.
 - Charisma and diplomacy to work with multiple development teams is absolutely essential.
Casual attire on all days except Mondays. Monday is formal day when for men and women, business attire is a must. No exceptions. For men a collared full sleeve shirt, trousers and closed shoes are mandatory. For women business suits, shirts-trousers and saris are only permissible
Department: Product Management
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