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Application Architect

Job ID: HR043
Job Title: Application Architect
Date of Posting: October  15  2011
Monthy Pay Scale: < Rs.1,00,000
Job Description: Associates in this position are required to identify and address architectural challenges, create models, assess alternative approaches, prototype/experiment/simulate needs, operational scenarios and functional requirements, and prepare architectural documents and presentations. They must be able to identify, analyze and provide technology trends and advancements in the IT industry.

An architect is expected to look at a system from a holistic viewpoint rather than a modular view. Responsibilities of an application architect include assisting project managers estimate the project scope, resources and time, assisting them in preparing work breakdown structures of effort intensive tasks; reviewing system requirements specifications and creating the functional architecture of the system; reviewing and providing feedback on UML use cases, UML activity diagrams and business terminology; maintaining traceability between requirements, designs, code and test cases; participating in requirements peer reviews, requirements gathering meetings with customers; deciding on design methodologies, developing UML class diagrams, developing UML sequence diagrams, UML state diagrams, UML component diagrams and UML deployment diagrams; developing technical architecture diagrams in layers that meet functional and non-functional requirements, developing and maintaining system design descriptions; participating / leading high level design peer reviews; assisting in development of documentation of data structures and algorithms, entity relationship diagrams, logical database designs and physical database designs; evaluating and establishing interface definition documents including user interface designs, documenting the product development environment; assigning modular, sectional and functional programming responsibilities; developing integration test cases and assisting in the development of functional, regression, installation and unit test cases; developing the build plan for the product and assist the creation of installation and deployment packages.
Academic Profile: Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Applications, Mathematics or Engineering
Professional Profile: -Total minimum experience of ten (10) years of which six (6) years should be in roles such as Programmer / Analyst working with the mainstream languages C# or JAVA and the RDBMSs Oracle and SQL Server; four (4) years should be in roles such as Lead Analyst / Application Architect / Solution Architect / Enterprise Architect, with modular / system wide or enterprise wide lead responsibilities.
 - Professional certifications from institutes such as Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems.
 - In-depth understanding of multiple domains and pertinent technologies.
 - Understanding and experience with development methods and modeling techniques.
 - Should be dexterous with Unified Modeling Language, Object Oriented Design and Design patterns.
Personal Profile: The candidate must be
 - Creative
 - Investigative
 - Practical/Realistic
 - Capable of viewing from and catering to multiple viewpoints
 - Confident and articulate
 - Tolerant of vague, sparse and ever-changing requirements
 - Tuned to look for and analyze multiple solutions before going forward with one
 - Good at working on an abstract level.
 - The initiator and enthusiastic recipient of changes that may require a redesign from the very platform used for design
 - Process savvy

Communication skills: The candidate must be able to converse well in English, write grammatically correct English, create and deliver presentations to a sizeable audience when required. Report accurately the progress on various tasks to supervisors.

High energy levels: Ability to work in high stress situations such as tight deadlines or mission critical releases. “Whatever it takes” attitude to complete deliverables to clients on time and with quality.

Good time management: On-time quality delivery, every time, all the time. The words “excuse” or “cannot” should not be in their vocabulary.

Charisma and diplomacy to work with multiple development teams is absolutely essential
Department: Projects
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