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Quality Manager

Job ID: HR044
Job Title: Quality Manager
Date of Posting: October  15  2011
Monthy Pay Scale: Around Rs.35,000
Job Description: Prospective candidate,
 -Must have a strong combination of leadership / mentoring / training / change management skills and an in depth experience working with the quality aspect of Software Development.
 -Must be able to liaise with managers and employees in the organization to ensure the QM system is functioning properly and advise on changes and their implementation.
 -Must aim in promoting quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organization.
 -Must have the ability to work with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers.
 -Must be able to identify the relevant quality-related training needs and deliver training to the staff.
 -Must be able to supervise technical staff in carrying out tests and reviews.
 -Must be able to formulate and manage the development, implementation of goals, policies, procedures and systems pertaining to the QA/QC.
 -Must champion the ISO 9001 and CMMI implementations
Academic Profile: Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Applications, Mathematics or Engineering
Professional Profile: Prospective candidate should,
 -At least have four years experience in Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
 -Have the ability to lead the activities of at least 4 team members reporting to them; Release Engineer, QA Engineer Technical Writer, and QC Engineer.
 -Plan and execute quality assurance audits of the various Quality Processes in the organization.
 -Frame Quality Processes for activities in the organization that require but do not have a documented process.
 -Validate root cause analysis, corrective and preventive actions taken to resolve various problems in the organization.
 -Be proficient in Microsoft Office.
 -Have deep experience in ISO 9001 based Quality Management Systems.
 -Have knowledge of CMMI (Preferable).
 -Have knowledge of Six Sigma (Preferable).
Personal Profile: Prospective candidate should have,
 -Leadership skills, maturity, charisma, diplomacy and ability to motivate multiple technical teams on projects are absolutely essential.
 -Exceptional logical and analytical skills. Must be able to obtain a minimum score in the aptitude tests.
 -Superior communication skills. The candidate must be able to converse well in English, write grammatically correct English and deliver PowerPoint presentations to a sizeable audience.
 -The ability to grasp discussion points in the finest detail on 4-6 hour discussion groups; ability to pay closest attention to aesthetic issues on deliverables such as a missing period or an unsuitable color. Must be a detail oriented individual.
 -Excellent problem solving with interpersonal and Project Management skills.
 -Strong leadership skills that inspire team’s confidence and respect while motivating team members in a creative and effective manner.
 -The ability to monitor the performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports.
 -The skills to set up controls, maintain controls and document procedures.
 -The skill set to ensure tests and procedures are properly understood, carried out and evaluated. Must also ensure that product modifications are investigated if needed.
 -The ability to work in high stress situations such as tight deadlines or mission critical deliveries.
Must possess “Whatever it takes” attitude to complete deliverables on time and with quality. The words “excuse” or “cannot” should not be in their vocabulary.

Casual attire on all days except Mondays. Monday is a formal day; for men and women, business attire is a must. No exceptions. For men a collared full sleeve shirt, trousers, tie and closed shoes are mandatory. For women business suits, shirts-trousers and saris are only permissible (Churidhars are not permissible).
Department: Quality
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