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UID / RFID Integration

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Since Jan 1, 2004 Unique IDentification (UID) is a mandatory DoD requirement for all solicitations issued on or after that date. The DoD Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items v1.4 requires the application of Data Matrix symbols to parts in the following categories:

1. Costs over $5,000.
2. Serially managed.
3. Mission essential.
4. Controlled inventory.
5. A consumable item or material where permanent identification is necessary.

For any vendor to be successful in assisting the government and its suppliers in implementing a successful UID solution, we at ZEiSys feel the following factors are critical and need to be considered:

Clear understanding of Dod UID requirements
UID is a newly globally unique ďpart identifierĒ containing data elements used to track DoD parts through their life cycle. UID Data is encoded into Data Matrix symbols that are applied to parts using Direct Part Marking processes (DPM). The DoD has moved to this transformation technology to facilitate electronic data capture and transmission as well as partsí tracking and configuration management.

ZEiSys understands that UID initiative requirements constitute a suite of related requirements for application of Data Matrix symbols to parts to include:

1. Marking standards
2. Symbol Specifications
3. Symbol Data Format Standards
4. Print Quality Standard

In addition to standards, there exist various DPM marking methods. The selection of the most appropriate marking method considers different factors such as partís type and size, proper marking location, pre-mark surface, post mark protective coatings, and others. DPM marking methods ranges from Ink Jet, to Chemical-Etching, to Dot Peen and to different laser marking methods. Depending on the DPM chosen, the selection of the appropriate hardware is determined as well as the UID Data Matrix symbol formatting.

Organizational capability and experience working with UID
Our UID implementation support team makes it easy to overcome the difficult tasks associated with researching, analyzing, designing, and installing front-end UID data capture and transmission systems that feed computer databases and integrate into existing infrastructure. ZEiSys and its partners provide the hardware, software, and critical knowledge needed to format, mark, verify, read, and communicate UID data to the host system. In addition, we provide tools for assessing customerís marking and reading needs. Our offerings and services include the following:

- Workshop and hardware demonstrations
- On-site surveys for UID compliance and systems installations
- The selection of the most appropriate marking methods
- The selection of UID marking hardware
- UID Data Matrix symbol formatting
- UID component installation and technical support
- Analysis of customerís infrastructure for UID implementation and utilization

Furthermore, ZEiSysí expertise in the area of UID is also presented in our DoD compliant Tag and Ship solution which supports UID tracking requirements by marking the unique identifiers, verifying the quality of the marks, reading the marks, and communicating the data into DoD computer application programs. These functions are a key element in the DoDís transformation effort.

Structured approach to integrate UID into existing IT Infrastructure
The integration of any kind of IT system such as UID in an existing IT infrastructure requires more than knowledge of the technology in question. Key to any successful integration is a methodical approach, which ensures that all critical aspects of the integration are reviewed, and implemented by the right party involved at the right time. ZEiSys utilizes an integration process model, which is based on a phased approach, allowing us to adjust it based on the scope of integration required.

1. Initiation Phase
2. Analysis Phase
3. High Level Integration Phase
4. Detailed Integration Plan
5. Integration
6. Post Integration



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