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ZEiSys develops software applications to your specifications. From prototyping and rapid development of custom software-based systems to long-term capital projects, we have the experience to implement your vision.
We use a combination of custom-built software and off-the-shelf products in developing our solutions. Our experience provides us with the insight to determine which tools will work most effectively both individually and as a part of a larger system - for your situation.
We carefully follow a formal software engineering process to ensure that our applications are easy to understand and use, modular, and scalable. This process also allows us to provide our clients feedback at every stage.
Our software engineering services include:
- Requirements Analysis and Consulting
- Architecture and Design Prototyping
- Development and Testing
- Integration and Installation
- Help Desk Support
ZEiSys carefully follows a formal software engineering process, developing to client specifications; from prototyping to long-term capital projects.



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