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Will technology transform the supply chain? Should I invest before the industry converges around one standard? How do I integrate RFID with my other systems? How do I comply with the various RFID mandates? What are my options for RFID?

These are probably just a few of the issues your organization is facing. Clearly, RFID technology has the potential to revolutionize logistics and supply chain management. However, the real value of RFID comes from a strategic, integrated approach to transform real-time data into actionable information. The end result is improved business decisions and enhanced trading partner visibility.

The path to RFID is unclear. You need an advisor who can help you understand the options and develop a solution that will work for your organization.

Thatís where we can help. ZEiSys has extensive logistics automation experience. Drawing on almost twenty years of logistics automation experience, ZEiSys has developed a suite of RFID tools that deliver actionable business information. These include RFID Strategy Consulting, Implementation Workshop, and the RFID Return on Investment (ROI) model.

ZEiSys has been evaluating RFID solutions for our logistics clients since 1998. Our expertise and proprietary models and tools will help you develop an effective strategy for integrating RFID into your operation. We will find the ideal RFID solution that matches your unique needs.

Itís not too early to begin exploring your RFID options. The benefits can be extraordinary:

- Real-time supply chain visibility
- Improved asset, inventory, and warehouse management
- Reduced out-of-stocks
- Reduced labor costs
- Enhanced security
- Reduced shrinkage



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