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Why ZEiSys?


The customer focused ZEiSys corporate culture is supported by the following tenets:



These days many organizations seem to believe that integrity is an essential element only once an engagement has commenced. At ZEiSys we believe that no phase should lack integrity including the pre-engagement marketing phase. Our marketing personnel are well trained in techniques used for estimating the time and the cost of a mission. They are forbidden to over promise either of these parameters to acquire business from a customer. ZEiSys may lose an opportunity to a competitor; but we will not fail a customer’s mission. Such a pattern of integrity is closely followed throughout every phase of the mission. We do not leave professional ethics to chance, ever.

Value Addition


At ZEiSys we believe only in long term relationships. We look in each of our customer for a long term partner. We look beyond just the missions we are designated to perform; we strive to add value to our customer. It’s our belief that if we provide just a product or service to an organization, we have just made a customer; only if we do provide value, we make a partner. The most common value addition technique we adopt is risk sharing during a mission; if human error causes deflection in a parameter such as schedule, scope or quality of a mission, ZEiSys will rectify such a deflection at our cost; no questions asked. For a list of our complete value addition techniques please contact a ZEiSys associate today!

Guaranteed Satisfaction


ZEiSys does not believe in delivering a product or service that may not be unsatisfactory to a customer under any circumstance. We do not accept a delivery order without measurable and objective acceptance criteria. We also do not believe in iterative deliveries that progressively meets the acceptance criteria. If our first delivery fails to meet all the customer’s acceptance criteria, the product or service is the customer’s, absolutely free.

Associates’ Empowerment

We believe that an organization’s quality is only as good as the quality of its executive team. We do not believe that an employee of a company fails a customer; we believe only the management team can fail a customer. At ZEiSys all our employees are our associates and we strive to ensure that they are equipped with the best arms in the world, be it training, educational qualifications, logical ability, communication acumen or operational tools. We recruit the best as our associates and provide them the most suitable environment to work and the highest compensation packages (usually in the 97+ percentile) in the industry. Our executive team has empowered the associates to succeed, and succeed they will.

Scientific Management

  We believe that management is as much a science as it is an art. There are well proven techniques to manage every aspect of a mission be it project management or technical oversight. ZEiSys strives to ensure that every aspect of a mission is managed using a proven techniques that has the maximum rate of success. For example, project management is carried out by professionals who are trained and certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI is the de-facto authority in the field of project management) in their ability to scientifically manage a project. A Microsoft .NET based product’s technical over sight will be headed in ZEiSys only by a professional who has an MCP certification which is Microsoft’s attestation to the technical acumen of that associate.

We know that merely laying out such tenets may not infuse their necessity or importance to a person outside the ZEiSys corporate culture. Nevertheless, these are principles by which we live at ZEiSys. As an organization, if you wish to engage ZEiSys on a mission, you will observe and come to appreciate how we hold these tenets dearly while instilling value to you. We sincerely hope that we interest you sufficiently to get in touch with us. Thank you for visiting this page!

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